TriMoVac technology enhances the patients' immune response to the tumour and promotes its eradication by attenuating its' immune subversion strategies using a combination of (1) a TLR agonist; (2) a kinase inhibitor; and (3) a tumour antigen of choice. This combination immunotherapy directs the body's immune system to seek out and destroy tumours present in the body by allowing the selective inhibition of the immunosuppressive, anti-inflammatory and Treg-promoting arm of the innate response. This forms the basis for the TriMoVac technology and its potential for boosting the efficacy of TLR-mediated adjuvants.

Strong proof-of-concept data has been generated in mouse models of melanoma, colon carcinoma and lung cancer where successful eradication of the cancer in mice is complemented by tumour rejection when re-challenged. The potential to target several tumour types is a clear strength of the technology and will be demonstrated in the next phase of the research effort.

TriMoVac technology also has applications as a standalone therapy, as part of a cell-based or directly injectable cancer vaccine that selectively and potently activates anti-tumour immune responses.